Miles Matis-Uzzo is a Texas-based artist and organism who communicates through sculpture, poetry, video, perfume, performance, and installation.

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Austin, TX
Scavenger’s Lullaby

I chew on your harmonious insides
Unraveling, untangling
Stuck and squirming
Like worms in the brain
Burrowing, Burrowing,
Burrowing beneath the surface
The sun felt soft today
And I’m

Stuck under
Among the muck
On a littered westbound parkway
Oh shit a
Mini skirt
I wade between lanes
You feed me your bait
Under a porous sky
Tongue like a catchfly
Perennial mischief like a mazy bull’s-eye
I’m fine, how’s the drive?
I wasn’t able to survive the swan dive

Bottomless pit
Sucking the cherry
Bad car, bad debt
Led by the siren's moan

Burying and burying
I met my soul
In the boundless prairie
Growing mold
Ticks fucking
Swallow me whole (swallow me whole)
You have violated your last parole
A Camouflaging anole

Come back
Close enough
Let me taste you

Time is expiring here
It’s milking my broken bones

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Panties bunching with melancholy
Soaked by the river and fire smoke

Burning and burning
Swallow me whole (swallow me whole)


Geologic Embodiment & Environs

I might just slip
I might just slip and slide and grind
And gather your matter
Tumbling down

My ribs creak like floorboards under the weight of you
Squished between your epidermal layers
We wrestle our mineral bodies
to create monuments
for intangible time

I’m bored
Where I lie and lie
Over and over
And you push my head down
Just how I like it
Lower and lower
Where I’ve been trapped for eons

And I keep tumbling down

And a queer sun warms the scars I left
When I tried to scratch to your surface
A chemical mediation now lives
beneath my fingernails
Silly me

If I were one or the other I would smother myself
Under a lover’s molten blanket
And I would ask her
Why I’m not like other dykes?
A foaming liquid intervention

I’m now climatic,
Morphing with somatic irregularities
Elated, suffocated, and armor-plated
The void pokes at my flesh
to create exit wounds
I will happily lick the haematic holes
to create smooth edges
And prevent embarrassing spills
Of my lobated lava flow.