primordial echos whisper softly into its own awkward silences 

Shell no. I:

I chew on your harmonious insides


Unraveling, untangling


Stuck and squirming

Like worms in the brain

Burrowing, Burrowing,

Burrowing beneath the surface

The sun felt soft today

And I’m

Stuck under

Among the muck

On a littered westbound parkway


Oh shit a

Mini skirt

I wade between lanes


You feed me your bait

Under a porous sky

Tongue like a catchfly

Perennial mischief like a mazy bull’s-eye

I’m fine, how’s the drive?

I wasn’t able to survive the swan-dive

Bottomless pit

Sucking the cherry

Bad car, bad debt

Led by the siren's moan

Burying and burying

I met my soul

In the boundless prairie

Growing mold

Ticks fucking

Swallow me whole (swallow me whole)

You have violated your last parole

A Camouflaging anole

Come back

Close enough

Let me taste you

Time is expiring here

It’s milking my broken bones

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Panties bunching with melancholy

Soaked by the river and fire smoke

Burning and burning

Swallow me whole (swallow me whole)